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Books are my new black

When I first became interested in magic again about 15 years ago I was, like 99% of hobbiests, obsessed with buying magic. With no ties, cheap rent and a good disposable income I pretty much bought what I want and when I want. I ended up with a lot of rubbish but some great stuff.

I always had a different approach for magic books. I truly saw them as an investment and a font of knowledge from the historical texts to the latest and greatest. I always saved for the good ones – not in the selfish hobbiest desire to own the “must haves” – but because I wanted to read and re-read something that was tangible and would always be there to go back to. To get more from when I felt the need.

These days with a mortgage and a family I choose my purchases carefully. Yes, I still suffer from buying the odd bit of crap at conventions and also some great effects, but nowhere near as much as I once did. But I always save up for good books. There are two on my shopping list that should arrive in the next few months.

Bulletproof – Andy Nyman


I’ve always been a fan of Andy’s magic and mentalism. I first met him about ten years ago when he was dealing at a Mark Leveridge convention in Bath. His effects always have a great hook and his thinking is original. He’s now put it all in print with a limited edition book produced by Todd Karr’s Miracle Factory. I’ve been patiently waiting for this book seeing as I pre-ordered it in September 2009. I hear it’s back from the printers and should be shipping soon. Todd’s material takes time due to the quality of the production. If I’m honest, I think this one has taken too long, but as long as it turns up soon I won’t become grumpy about it.

The Berglas Effects – David Berglas

Next year Richard Kaufman publishes a long awaited book on the card magic of David Berglas. I was lucky enough to buy one of the last copies of “The Mind and Magic of David Berglas” (below). It’s an incredible work authored by David Britland and is a fascinating read about the career and effects created by a man who’s legendary status is well deserved. The card magic book is anticipated by magicians due to “The Berglas Effect” – the holy grail of card magic. An effect where a spectator names a card and a number and the card is at that position in the deck. Just google “The Berglas Effect” to see what I mean. Also stay tuned to this blog for my own personal experience of it.