Something really good….for free?

It’s not often that something really good comes along for free in magic. Tricks and effects aren’t cheap – and quite right as you’re buying secrets and often many years of development. But here’s something that really is free and invaluable if you love magic. Josh Jay at Vanishing Inc has spent three years putting together an ebook, “Magic In Mind”, with some of the greatest writers in magic:

Tommy Wonder
Charles Reynolds
Simon Aronson
Paul Harris
John Carney
Jamy Ian Swiss
Dariel Fitzke
Peter Samelson
Derren Brown
Michael Close
Pit Hartling
Eugene Burger
S.H. Sharpe
René Lavand
Henning Nelms
Juan Tamariz
Rick Johnsson
Tom Stone
Darwin Ortiz
Milt Kort
Arturo de Ascanio
David Regal
Doug Conn
Ken Weber
David Kaye
Roberto Giobbi
Eberhard Riese
Brian Brushwood
Whit Haydn
Max Maven
Nevil Maskelyne

Trust me when I say you need to get this. It’s free. It’s inspiring. Get it here:

I don’t really like to use this blog to sell stuff on behalf of others but, hey, this is free and Josh is a decent guy and he’s put this together for the right reasons.



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Full time journo but with unhealthy interest in good magic.

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