The Resurgence of Magic is here


I’m pleased to say that the article I’ve written on the resurgence of magic is in this months “Cotswold Life” magazine. Ive had some great feedback from laypeople who have read it and found it really interesting. That pleases me because thats exactly who I wrote it for. Id be keen to hear your thoughts as well. More details at Here’s the pic that is published in the article taken by Paul Duggan. Have I got too much magic?


About Steve Knibbs

Full time journo but with unhealthy interest in good magic.

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  1. Well done sir. Is that really all of your own gear?

  2. Steve, speaking as someone who saw all the gear you couldn’t fit into the frame; yes, you do have too much magic! Maybe I’m just envious you’ve got more than me though.

  3. There’s no such thing as too much magic. FACT!

  4. Mark, its not all mine. I borrowed most of it from Paul ;-)Although I also agree with Andi

  5. I saw the John Archer lecture you were talking about and cannot recommend him highly enough…if you get chance to see him anywhere take it! A funny guy, great magician and real gent!

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