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Read The Resurgence of Magic article here

Just a quickie but I’ve just found out that you can read my Cotswold Life article online here :

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The Resurgence of Magic is here


I’m pleased to say that the article I’ve written on the resurgence of magic is in this months “Cotswold Life” magazine. Ive had some great feedback from laypeople who have read it and found it really interesting. That pleases me because thats exactly who I wrote it for. Id be keen to hear your thoughts as well. More details at Here’s the pic that is published in the article taken by Paul Duggan. Have I got too much magic?

The resurgence of magic…coming soon

I was asked by the lovely people at Cotswold Life magazine to write an article for them on the resurgence of magic. I’m pleased to say that it’ll be in next months issue. Without giving too much away I’ve been looking at what’s led up to the sudden interest in magic and what it means for the art now and in the future. It also gave me a chance to tell the story of JN Maskelyne who was from Cheltenham and the role he had in shaping modern magic. I’ll hopefully be able to put a copy of the article up here in the future as well. But please do buy a copy and let me know what you think.In the meantime, keep a watch out for some more news about An Evening of Deception. It’s on it’s way back!